Corfe Castle Parish Council Training and Development Policy

Corfe Castle Parish Council recognises that training its Clerk and Councillors will help deliver the highest level of service to parishioners. The Council actively encourages and fully supports any relevant training and Continuous Professional Development the Clerk may wish to undertake. Corfe Castle Parish Councillors are expected to show a commitment to training and to partake specifically in training on areas that they are individually responsible for. To support this, a training budget will be set each year by the Council, depending on the anticipated requirements.

The Benefits of Training, Learning & Development

  • Training improves the quality of the services and facilities that Corfe Castle Parish Council provides.
  • Training enables the Parish Council to achieve its aims and objectives; the Council hopes to achieve the Power of Competence this year and the Clerks training is absolutely essential to this.
  • Training ensures processes and legislation are duly and accurately followed; the challenges presented to the Council this year by the GDPR and the new Audit Regulations will require additional training to ensure compliance.
  • Training gives staff and Councillors a sense of value and confidence in their role. In offering training the Council is fulfilling its aim be an encouraging, proactive and rewarding organisation to be part of.


  • It is the policy of Corfe Castle Parish Council that all staff and Councillors are entitled to training. New Councillors will be supplied with a copy of NALC The Good Councillors Guide and NALC Being a Good Employer by the Clerk and they are expected to read them. In due course all new Councillors are expected to attend the training for new Councillors offered by the DAPTC. The Clerk is to notify new Councillors when these courses are taking place.
  • The Clerk is to familiarise herself with the National Training Strategy and is to share relevant information with Councillors.
  • Councillors are expected to attend ongoing training to keep them up to date with developments in policy and legislation, specifically with regard to finance and planning.
  • The Clerk is required to work towards CiLCA as agreed in her acceptance of the position of Clerk. The Clerk is also encouraged to attend ongoing training to keep her up to date with developments in policy and legislation, specifically with regard to Audit Regulations, Data Protection and the new GDPR, Employment Law and Planning. Many of these issues are covered in training offered by DAPTC and it is the Clerks responsibility to ensure she attends relevant courses.
  • From time to time additional specific trading may be required to accompany a project, for example in information technology. Should the budget allow the Council will support the Clerk and Councillors in attending such training.
  • Should any Councillor or the Clerk find accessing required training difficult they should make this known to the Chairman.


  • The Clerk will be permitted to purchase (with authorisation) relevant publications that will assist her in her training and CPD. She is also encouraged to suggest useful publications to Councillors.


  • Expenditure on training must be approved by the Council.
  • Councillors are permitted to claim expenses for travel to and from training.
  • The Clerk is permitted to claim expenses for travel to and from training. She is permitted to use her allocated hours to undergo training and claim additional hours should she need to do so.


The Council Budget for training differs each year depending on the demands and requirements of the budget. The budget for the 2018/19 year is £700. This was set in anticipation of a significant level of training required in light of the proposed Local Government Reorganisation and for the additional hours required by the Clerk to complete her CiLCA training.

Review and record

The clerk will endeavour to keep an annual record of training that has been completed by Councillors and Clerk. There is a template for this on the NALC website which can be downloaded annually.

This Policy is to be reviewed annually, suggested next revision March 2019. This Policy was adopted by Corfe Castle Parish Council April 9th 2018.

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