Retention of Records Policy adopted June 2018

(based on NALC recommended guidelines detailed in  Legal Topic Note 40)

Document Minimum retention period Reason
Minute Books Indefinite Archive
Meeting Recordings 6 months Management
Scales of fees and charges 6 years Management
Receipts and Payments Indefinite Archive
Receipt Books of all kinds 6 years VAT
Bank Statements, including Deposit/ Savings accounts 6 years Audit
Bank paying in books 6 years Audit
Cheque Book Stubs 6 years Audit
Quotation and tenders 6 years Limitation Act 1980 (as amended)
Paid invoices 6 years VAT / Audit
Paid Cheques 6 years Limitation Act 1980 (as amended)
VAT records 6 years VAT
Petty Cash and Postage books 6 years Audit
Wages and Payroll details 12 years Superannuation
Insurance Policies 6 years Management
Certificates for Insurance against liability for employees 40 years from date on which ins. Commenced or renewed Employer’s Liability Regs.1998
Investments Indefinite Audit / Management
Tithes, deeds, leases, agreements, contracts Indefinite Audit / Management
Members allowances register 6 years Tax, Limitation Act 1980 (as amended)
Correspondence other than that in categories outlined above 6 years Public Task
Housing Needs Register    
Details of applicants For as long as information is current Data Protection
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