Grant Awarding Policy Adopted April 9th 2018


The Parish Council will consider supporting activities and causes which benefit the parish of Corfe Castle.

A grant is any payment made by the Parish Council for the specific purpose for which it is claimed and for the well-being of the community.


Any grant made by the Parish Council must directly benefit some or all of the residents of the parish of Corfe Castle.  Applicants must set out how the community in Corfe Castle will benefit from the work funded by any grant. This is particularly important where an application is made by an organisation working regionally or nationally.

The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:-

  • The group must be a charity, voluntary or community organisation
  • The group must be able to demonstrate that any funding from the Parish Council will directly benefit the residents of Corfe Castle
  • The group must be formally constituted and have a management committee made up of volunteers.
  • Political parties are not eligible for grant funding.


Each application will be assessed on its own merits and will be considered along with other applications at the meeting.  In particular the Council will consider:

  • How well the grant will provide benefit to Parishioners
  • How effectively the group will use the grant.
  • Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic.
  • What level of contributions has been, or will be, raised in addition to the grant. It is unlikely that the Council will give a 100% grant to any proposal.
  • The Council may require representation on the management committee if it is responsible for a substantial element of an organisation’s funding



  • Multiple applications within a 12 month period will not normally be considered; although the only real limit is remaining funds.
  • The Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the purpose specified on the application form. The Parish Clerk will, therefore, be allowed to verify that the monies have been spent accordingly;
  • Should the Parish Council request proper evidence of actual or estimated expenditure must be supplied to the Parish Council prior to the payment of any grant. If the Parish Council is not satisfied with the arrangements it reserves the right to request a refund of monies awarded.
  • An acknowledgement on receipt of the grant cheque is required

The following requests will not be considered:

  • Support for projects outside of Corfe Castle Parish unless they can prove a clear direct benefit to Parishioners.
  • General appeals from national charities
  • Financial support for an individual or family
  • General advertising
  • Political, lobby, pressure and campaigning groups or trade union activities
  • Appeals intended to promote a particular political or denominational affiliation
  • Projects for which organisations have any statutory duty


Application Process.

  • Applications should be made by completing the Grant Awarding Application Form and should be submitted to the Clerk. Grant Awarding Application Forms can be obtained from the Clerk or downloaded from the Parish Council Website
  • An organisation which has not previously applied to the Parish Council must submit a copy of its constitution.
  • Applications are accepted at any time of the year, but previous knowledge on on-going annual grant requests should be made prior to the setting of the annual precept (this generally occurs in January).
  • Applicants requesting grants to fund specific projects must set out any other funding they have been awarded or have applied for. Where the Parish Council is being asked to be the sole funder the applicant must explain the reason for this.
  • Grant applications should be submitted to the Clerk to the address noted on the form or via email to [email protected] . Applications will be presented to the Council for consideration at the next Parish Council meeting. If the timescale is such the Council will not have time to give the proposal due consideration before the next Parish Council meeting, it will be dealt with no later than the next subsequent meeting.
  • Applicants are usually informed within two weeks of the meeting.
  • Grant recipients are encouraged to attend the Annual Parish Meeting (normally April) and may be asked to mount a display or make a presentation.


The Parish Council will recognise successful groups in its own reports to parishioners.


A downloadable PDF of this document and a printable form can be accessed  

A editable WORD application form can be accessed

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