Corfe Castle Parish Council Equal Opportunities Statement

Adopted by Corfe Castle Parish Council on 8th January 2018

Corfe Castle Parish Council is committed to recognising, valuing and respecting the diversity of its Councilors, employees, volunteers and job applicants.  We recognise that everyone has a contribution to make and we aim to ensure that all individuals with whom we have contact will be treated in a fair and consistent manner.

We recognise that certain people face discrimination based on factors such as their race, ethnic or national origins, religious and political beliefs, gender, disability, sexuality, age, marital status and linguistic ability. With this in mind, we will work within the legislative framework of the Employment Act 2002, the Equality Act 2010 and within the sphere of best practice in order to promote equality and value diversity, and work to address unfair treatment, discrimination and prejudice where found within the organisation.

It is expected that the principles of diversity and equality will underpin all of our work, and the work of our employees.

Key principles:

  • All members of the Council and staff are entitled to undertake their tasks in an environment which promotes dignity and respect for all.

  • No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.

  • The Council seeks to provide the community with services that are relevant to their needs (within their powers) and to give, where possible, all sections of the community equal access to those services.

  • A commitment to diversity and equality within the working and wider environment is good practice.

  • This policy is fully supported by the Council.


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