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Recent Council and Parish News:

Have Your Say on the Future of Policing

The chief constables of Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police have been progressing with the proposal to merge the two forces since the announcement was made last September.

Police and Crime Commissioners Alison Hernandez (Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) and Martyn Underhill (Dorset) have launched a public survey to know what the public think of the plans for a merger of the two forces

Corfe Castle Parish Council resolved to object to the merger because;

  •  It is completely wrong to “consult” at the start of the holiday season when residents are away, community and civic organisations are not meeting and there is no programme of public engagement: indeed any meetings held would be poorly attended.
  • The information supplied is simplistic and sketchy with almost no facts or figures, which would enable an informed judgement to be made. Crucial data about the costs and financial benefits of change and the impact on the Dorset taxpayer are not made known.
  •  Dorset currently has a directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner accountable through elections who has a sole focus on this geographically large County. The arguments for losing this direct accountability need to be very strong.

The consultation runs untill August 27th. For more information about the proposed merger and to take the survey visit:

You can also comment on the merger at

Consultation on the new Boundary Review

Below is the release issued by the The Local Government Boundary Commission for England regarding the Boundary Review Consultation.  In it you will find details of the new proposed warding arrangements and advice on how to comment on the review.
In May 2018, Parliament approved the creation of a new local authority called Dorset Council.
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is now drawing up ward boundaries for the new authority in time for its first elections in May 2019.
We are minded to recommend that 82 councillors should be elected to Dorset Council.
We are now inviting comments on those recommendations.
Our consultation closes on 27 August 2018.
As a result of our draft recommendations for new warding patterns, we propose making changes to the parish electoral arrangements for the following parish and town councils:

Have your say

You can take part in the consultation through our interactive consultation portal.
Our website includes further information about the Commission and the review.
We encourage everyone who has a view on the draft recommendations to contact us, whether you support them or whether you wish to propose alternative arrangements.
We will consider every representation received during consultation, whether it is submitted by an individual, a local group or an organisation.
We will weigh each submission against the legal criteria which we must follow when drawing up electoral arrangements:
  • to deliver electoral equality: where each councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the council;
  • that the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities;
  • that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.
It is important that you take account of the criteria if you are suggesting an alternative pattern of wards.
If you wish to put forward a view, we would also urge you to ensure that evidence supports your submission.
For example, if you wish to argue that two areas should be included in the same electoral ward, make sure you tell us why they should be together, providing evidence about community facilities, ties, organisations, and amenities, rather than simply asserting that they belong together.
Our website features technical guidance that explains the process and our policies, as well as guidance on how to take part in each part of the process.
Get in touch
We welcome comments on our draft recommendations by 27 August 2018. Representations should be made:
– Through our interactive consultation portal, where you can explore the maps of the recommendations, draw your own boundaries and make comments;
– By email to [email protected];
– Or in writing to Review Officer (Dorset), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 1st Floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0TL.

Litter Picks- Can you give an hour of your time?

On the first Monday of the month in July, August and September volunteers will be gathering in the Square at 6pm for a litter pick of the area. All equipment is provided but you may wish to bring gloves. Please come along and support the team.

Exercise of Public Rights 2017/18 Accounts

In accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015  Corfe Castle Parish Council is required to offer the public a period in which to inspect it’s accounts. The inspection period is noted below and a downloadable confirmation can be viewed by clicking on the link below.



On behalf of the smaller authority, I confirm that the dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights are as follows:

Commencing on: Monday the 4th of June 2018 and ending on Friday 13th of July.

Please contact the Clerk on 01929 426125 to make an appointment should you wish to view the accounts.

The Parish Council is also required to publish it’s un-audited Annual Governance and Accountability Return. A downloadable version of which can be found below. If you wish to view the document in another format please contact the Clerk.

Homes for Purbeck Consultation Findings

A report has been published summarising the responses to this year’s New Homes for Purbeck consultation.
The consultation contained questions about sites to accommodate 1,700 new homes over the next 15 years to 2033. There were also questions about second homes and affordable homes.
Almost 7,000 households in Purbeck and neighbouring Crossways completed a paper consultation questionnaire and just over 1,000 participated in a telephone survey.

The key findings from the consultation were:

• There was majority support for a policy limiting new second homes in some parts of the District.
• Respondents gave strong support for housing principles to be included in the Local Plan. These particularly related to community and transport infrastructure and supporting the environment, habitats and local heritage of Purbeck.
• Although there was majority support for a small sites policy, there were some concerns about 30 homes being too many on an individual site.
• The majority of those taking part supported the draft affordable homes policy stipulating that 10% of new homes built should be for the cheapest type of affordable rented housing. There were some requests to investigate affordable homes for purchase.
• The proposed site for a small allocation of homes at Sandford was not supported by local residents, whilst stakeholders raised concerns about the environment and loss of recreational areas.
• Proposals for use of employment land and green belt land at Wareham are likely to require further consultation by the local Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Group.
•The preferred option, or least disliked option, for where homes should be built in the District was Option A which would spread development across the District.

See the full report here.

Corfe Castle Parish Council Object to the Proposed Revision of Ferry Tolls by the Bournemouth to Swanage Motor Road and Ferry Company

– UPDATE MAY 2018– The Case will be going to a Public Inquiry to be held in Studland in September.

Corfe Castle Parish Council have responded to the public notice by the Bournemouth and Swanage Motor Road and Ferry Company which proposes doubling fares for pedestrians and cycles, increasing the single fare from £4.30 to £6 and a 63% increase in the discounted fares available by purchasing books of tickets. Read their full response here.

A little bit about Corfe Castle

The village of Corfe Castle is much renowned for its Royal castle but there  is much else in and around the village for both visitors and residents alike. The Norman Castle, destroyed by an act of Parliament following the civil war, is nestled in Corfe Gate – a natural break in the hogback Purbeck Ridge. The castle and much of the settlement that extends south from it is built of Purbeck limestone. During the medieval period stone carving, particularly of Purbeck Marble was worked here in Corfe, an activity that, though diminished, continues to this day. The Ancient Order of Purbeck Marblers and Stonecutters still hold their annual meeting here and play football along lanes and tracks on Shrove Tuesday to underscore their traditional rights of access.

An ancient settlement site, Corfe Castle is home to an extensive range of archaeological sites from the stone, bronze and Iron ages. Information on aspects of these can be found at the National Trust visitors center (Castle View) and Corfe Castle Museum. An important site for such remains, as well as being of significant ecological value, is Corfe Common adjoining the settlement to the south. Similar historical and ecological importance is attached to the Purbeck Ridge that stretches east and west from Corfe Castle. The Norden transport interchange is an excellent point from which to start a walking tour of the village and its surrounding hinterland. Facilities for visitors within Corfe are good with a selection of local shops, tearooms and pubs; many of the latter have good views from their gardens! Quality accommodation is also widely available.




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