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Corfe Castle Parish Council have two vacant seats and are looking to co-opt two Councillors, could this be you?

The Council made a formal announcement that they have two vacant seats at their meeting on May 13th. They hope to fill the vacancies at the next meting on the 10th of June and are inviting applications from interested parishioners to be received by May 3oth.

You must have enthusiasm  and care about the Parish.

For more information please call the Clerk on 01929 426125 or email [email protected]

Election of Parish Councillors for
Corfe Castle

The new parish Council have now been Elected and are listed below;

CHAIRMAN – CLARKE Steve- 41 East Street, Corfe Castle,BH20 5EE

VICE CHAIRMAN- DRU DRURY Stephen Guy -55 East Street, Corfe Castle,Wareham, BH20 5EE

DRAGON Joan -Village Bakery, The Square, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5EZ

DRAGON Nigel- Village Bakery, The Square, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5EZ

FOOKS Rachel (Address in Dorset)

HAYWOOD Louise -6 Toms Mead, Corfe Castle, Nr. Wareham, BH20 5HH

MARSHALLSAY Rosamund- Glebe Farm, Bucknowle, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5NS

PARISH Josephine- 3 West Street, Corfe Castle, BH20 5HA

SPICER-SHORT Elizabeth Victoria (Address in Dorset)

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Recent Council and Parish News:

Corfe Castle Parish Council are responding to complaints raised about the recent Easter bank holiday weekend Rrave.

At their recent meeting the Council considered writing a letter to both Dorset Council and Dorset Police to ask for details of their strategy to deal with future events of this nature should they occur. The Council wish to know what resources and what legislation is in place. The council resolved to pursue this.

A little bit about Corfe Castle

The village of Corfe Castle is much renowned for its Royal castle but there  is much else in and around the village for both visitors and residents alike. The Norman Castle, destroyed by an act of Parliament following the civil war, is nestled in Corfe Gate – a natural break in the hogback Purbeck Ridge. The castle and much of the settlement that extends south from it is built of Purbeck limestone. During the medieval period stone carving, particularly of Purbeck Marble was worked here in Corfe, an activity that, though diminished, continues to this day. The Ancient Order of Purbeck Marblers and Stonecutters still hold their annual meeting here and play football along lanes and tracks on Shrove Tuesday to underscore their traditional rights of access.

An ancient settlement site, Corfe Castle is home to an extensive range of archaeological sites from the stone, bronze and Iron ages. Information on aspects of these can be found at the National Trust visitors center (Castle View) and Corfe Castle Museum. An important site for such remains, as well as being of significant ecological value, is Corfe Common adjoining the settlement to the south. Similar historical and ecological importance is attached to the Purbeck Ridge that stretches east and west from Corfe Castle. The Norden transport interchange is an excellent point from which to start a walking tour of the village and its surrounding hinterland. Facilities for visitors within Corfe are good with a selection of local shops, tearooms and pubs; many of the latter have good views from their gardens! Quality accommodation is also widely available.


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